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How Coffic Works

Explore simple and innovative app to start coworking at a cafe near you.
Just find a Coffic Workcafe, check-in & start your work for the day.

What is Coffic?

Coffic is an application that strives to drive traffic to Cafes during non-peak hours by offering a perfect opportunity for co-working to inspired professionals across the country. 

Listing your cafe on Coffic helps in enhancing the reach of your café by opening your creative space to a large number of freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, artists, students and digital nomads. The application offers you the flexibility to reserve certain seats for Coffic Subscribers for a period of time that suits you best. 

This new age startup is meant to redefine the way people work and allow subscribers to cherry-pick the most creatively apt cafes from all others in the city. Our social media promotions, community and networking events, google advertisements and other initiatives towards digital marketing further helps our coffic café partners to position themselves as an upbeat, dynamic & trendy destination in the city.

Coffic App Functionality

Why every Coworker must Coffic

Ask Cofficers, why #Unoffice?

Enhance your work experience to a notch and reimagine coworking with our all-encompassing workspace features.

Arushi Bafna

Arushi Bafna


"I coffic at lock n escape as its a perfect prime location in banjara hills that not only helps me work but also works as a stress buster at the end of the day with its recreational zone"

Mihika Khandelwal

Mihika Khandelwal


"I coffic at Pop O Bob Kondapur Workcafe as i have just started and with limited budget i was looking for an affordable option which its closest place to my home for my meetings. Thanks to Coffic for the same."

Ravi Prasad

Ravi Prasad


"I coffic at chai pani cafe as its loner's table helps me connect with like-minded people and I get to work with a view!"

Benefits to Coffic Subscribers

Coffic goes beyond just coworking. Coffic members enjoy plethora of unique subscription benefits. Daily, Weekly and Monthly subscription packages with Unlimited Coffee, super fast WiFi, access to all Coffic Venues and Events, Valet Parking, Plug-Ins, Meeting rooms and community incubation are some of the unique membership offerings of Coffic.

Other amenities

Enjoy the following perks at our multiple workcafes:

Free Parking
Meeting Rooms
FnB Discounts
Multiple Locations
Commitment Free Packages
Vibrant Community
Delicious Food
Prime Locations
Air Conditioners
Virtual Address
Access to Events
Outdoor Seating
Recreational Games
Writing Board

More about Coffic app

Find Co Working
Cafes Quickly

With the help of map screen on the Coffic app, scroll thorugh the various cafes in your city quickly and effectively.

Choose your workcafe

On WorkCafe detail page, check out the images of the workcafe to select the one that best suits your liking

One tap Directions, Availability
& beverage menu

In the workcafe page, click on the direction button to find the direction from your location to the cafe. Plus never miss out on the last seat, seats are the indicator of number of people sitting in the cafe at the moment and how many seats are available presently. Plus the tap-tp-order free beverage menu helps you order a refreshing beverage from the cafe.