Fund Raising for Startups and Elements of Entrepreneurship by Mr. Dilnawaz Khan – Video

Fund Raising For Startups: Dilnawaz Khan

How do you raise money? How do you find investors? How do you take your company from an idea of raising capital for it? In this video, Dilnawaz Khan covers these topics and gives an introduction to the key concepts to keep in mind once you enter a fundraising process. If you have a great idea but need money to make it happen.

Watch this video and learn about Fund Raising for Startups and Elements of Entrepreneurship. We would like to give our love to Dilnawaz Khan for an amazing session on Fund Raising for Startups and Elements of Entrepreneurship and also we would like to give our hearts to Fresca Cafe, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur for good mood sponsoring us with big cups of amazing Hot Coffee.

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About Dilnawaz Khan: Dilnawaz Khan is the Founder and Chief Evangelist at Codesign Labs. He is also a Consultant & Mentor to a lot of technology startups wherein he enables them to go from zero to critical mass by helping them with technology, branding and marketing.

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