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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions every day, here are a few listed for quick reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below a list of Frequently asked questions related to Coffic.

Coffic is a simple application through which you can book a Coworking Café for the day. The idea of Coffic stems from dull four walled offices. It is aimed at providing you workspaces that don’t confine your creativity.

Any Café that is listed on the application is a Coffic WorkCafe. We ensure that all our Coffic locations are designed to infuse creativity and enhance productivity. Unlike private offices, these innovative spaces help you work at ease.

All Coffic Workcafes are equipped with comfortable seating, high speed Wifi, Plug-ins, community tables and unlimited Coffee. Each location is beautifully designed so that you can cowork effortlessly.

Once you check the availability of seats at the Coffic Workcafe, visit the Café and scan the QR code via the Coffic Application. This will allow you to check-in.

Your daily subscription is valid for a single day, Weekly subscription is valid for a week and Monthly subscription is valid for a month..

Coffic offers you the flexibility of workspace by offering you to work at a different location every day. All the Coffic Workcafes are creatively designed to enhance your productivity

Every Coffic Café has different operational timings. You can check these timings on the application before checking in to a café.

You can use multiple check-ins within the day. However, you need to check out from one café before you can check in to another.

Unlike Office, there are no fixed timings. You are free to leave and check out whenever you want. The application will automatically check you out at Café closing hours (Can be seen on the application).

Sure! You can purchase a daily subscription package for each of your guests and hold meetings at the Café.

No you can only book your Coffic Workcafe based on the availability of seats at the cafe on that day.

No you need to check out of a Café before checking in to another one

Unfortunately, we don’t have a refund policy. Once you have purchased the subscription, you are eligible to check in at Coffic Café’s.


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