Digitization of Branding and Content Marketing by Mr. Geet Bagrodia – Blog


The technology of Internet has really skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Thanks to the cheaper bandwidth and fantastic peering, we are able to connect more with our friend, family and most importantly to our audiences.

Back in the 1990s, branding and content marketing could only be achieved through print media. Not only was it costly (it still is), but the feasibility of achieving branding and content marketing through it depended mainly on a large scale of human resources.

Luckily, things have changed now and today we just need a click of a mouse button to viral our content, to gain traction and leads for our business. Needless to say, but there never has been an opportunity before which allowed equal and fair play ground to businesses of all types and sizes to target their potential prospects.

Although there are many reasons but for the sake of your time, we will take a look at four absolute compelling reasons to go for digital branding and content marketing.

  1. Your every prospect is there: – While it may be true that the younger generation might be spending more time on the internet, even the other age group audiences are roaming on the world wide web, if not by social media then definitely through other means.

  2. It is attention grabbing: – The internet is a fascinating place. It gives a sense of freedom to an individual as he can do countless things anonymously over it without the dictation of others. Be assured that if you are willing to make your brand stand out on the internet, it will get impressions from all sorts of people.

  3. It’s a level playing field: – When the internet wasn’t that popular as it is today, organizations who enjoy being a monopoly, used to twist their legal arms to dampen the new arrivals on the market. There have been countless ideas and technologies that have arrived on the surface but have never ripened into a flourishing business. Fortunately, start-ups don’t have this problem today and the Internet has allowed several of them to not only challenge, but also to dethrone the pioneers in many business niches.

  4. It’s cheaper and more feasible: – This is according to us, probably the most compelling reason for any business to opt for digital branding and content marketing. It’s important to note that even the well-established organizations are shifting to their digital channels in order to acquire more leads for their business.

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