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Community is what makes
Coffic human, this is our extended family

Growing Stronger Together

"To succeed in life, simply connect with lots of people every day. And here is what's exciting - There are lots of people!"
- Jim Rohn

We meetup, we co-create, we co-work and we collaborate with each other on every aspect of our business (sometimes personal)

together. Are you inspired enough to join our tribe?


Coffic is a co-working den that helps you meet, network and collaborate with people from multiple industry and creative spaces. 

We offer co-working spaces in Jaipur and Ahmedabad. 

Are we not in your city yet? Tell us where you reside and we will try to collaborate with workcafes in your city!


Networking is not about collecting contacts, it is about planting relationships. 

Through Coffic you get an opportunity to collaborate with people from numerous industries and backgrounds. 

Start Cofficing and widen your horizons simply by building solid relationships across the city and beyond.


Learning together is the first step to growing together. Coffic brings you multitude events with leading veterans across a multitude of industries that can help you gain keen insights amidst the massive business landscape. 

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Thinking about the cafes and partners

We run a social group on facebook that features live webinars by industry veterans and experienced entrepreneurs, sharing business book reviews, interactive mentor & business relationship and finding real solutions from their peers and from us.

Our People

At the heart of our business, lie our people. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment for all our team members. Co-learning, Coworking and Collaboration also forms the core of our people at Coffic.

Our Planet

We understand the environmental impact of constructing real estate spaces and hence we essentially ensure effective and creative deployment of already existing spaces.

Our Customers and Our Community

We recognize that trust and being valued are the cornerstones of the satisfaction of our people. We consistently contribute towards the learning and growth of our community members through events and interactive discussions.

Our Partners

Our Café partners are our most important stakeholders and we consistently strive towards contributing to the sustainability of their business model by driving traffic to their cafes during non-peak hours. 

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