9 Ways in which Cafes can use Social Media for Promotions

Social media has greatly enhanced awareness about your café. So, by adding various social media platforms into your marketing mix, you can be benefitted by generating more engagements with your café and attract more consumers to your door.

This blog post shows various ways through which cafés can be promoted through social media. We advise you to make a social media planning timetable so that it can be assimilated into the routine tasks of marketing.

You cannot afford to ignore social media. It was found by Pew Research Centre in September 2018 that 52% of people use more than one social media site. This number has increased significantly over the last two years.

It reveals the truth that social media platforms are the key through which a large number of consumers can be reached at a time. Moreover, it is also a low-cost marketing strategy for the café industry. Thus it becomes crucial to understand the various forms of social media through which the café can be promoted.


Twitter is a microblogging website on which you are permitted only to type 140 characters tweet. It proves to be a great platform for sharing everyday deals related to meals, last-minute additions in the menu or for fun facts and photos, etc. It is advisable to include links of the menu items of your website.

Interestingly, if the messages crafted by you are liked by your Twitter followers then they can re-tweet them, thereby helping you to reach an even large number of consumers. You can even try promotional tweets. These can be sent around mealtimes to make them effective.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is required for your café. According to a recent study, Facebook remains to be amongst the most popular platforms for social media. But you must create this  Facebook fan page prudently. Around 851×351 pixels are available for promoting your café for free of cost in your timeline image.

To be recognizable to your customers, you must carry your brand identity across social media.  Include a video or image with the text while posting your feed on Facebook. You can also create your posts by applying the scheduled tool.


It may seem to be an intimidating task to enter into the world of blogging but it is of great help for your café. You can search engines like fresh website content and blog about anything related to your café. Share recipes, photos, staff favorites and much more. You can even link your posts to all your networks of social media.

Encourage Check-Ins through Foursquare

Foursquare is the best mobile application through which customers can check-in to the café through their smartphones. By getting your business registered on Foursquare, you can see in real-time which consumers are checking into your café. You can even offer special deals or reward them when they check in with coupons.

Promoting your café through videos on YouTube

You can create a YouTube channel for your café. Ensure that same branding is used for the header photo so that it can be matched to your website and other social media platforms. You can :

  • Create your cookery show
  • Share cooking tips
  • Chef highlights
  • Interviewing with guests –the consumer video testimonial is widely popular these days

After posting the videos on YouTube, make sure to post them on all the other social media platforms. They can also be viewed on your Google + Page. These visual interactions will surely increase your visibility amongst your audience.

Promote yourself on Pinterest

You can promote your café by creating boards. You can even create :

  • Menu item board
  • Recipe board
  • Board regarding special events  
  • A board comprising of inspiring quotes and photographs

Pinterest is all about involving.  You can create innovative pins for every board and re-pin other’s content. Use photos which are of high quality and don’t forget to include some text with your pins. It is another form of paid online promotion.

Marketing through Google Alerts

Set up Google alerts to stay on the top of your café online image. You can even track the online mentions of your café and reviews of your consumers with the help of Google alerts. It is crucial to respond timely to win your consumers.

Share on Instagram

Instagram has proved to be a perfect place for sharing the menu and images of café. It integrates with Facebook so that your uploaded images can be seen on both the platforms simultaneously. You can also encourage consumers to upload their favorites. You are advised to use hashtags on Instagram.

Claim Your Google+ Page

The integrated resources of Google make it easier for diners to review, browse the latest hotspots and upload the photographs. Pay attention to the quality of your pictures uploaded in your profile. It works similar to Facebook. You should regularly post a combination of videos, images, reviews and other exciting contents.

Social media platforms help indirectly communicating with the present and potential customers. You can apply these examples for turning your business plans into reality. The right promotional strategies would get consumers in the door and the right technology would help for providing great consumer experience.